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Contact PageI have been a Certified Interior Redecorator (CIR) since 2009 but Hidden Potential Transformations is the outgrowth of a lifelong love affair with crafting, DIY, flea market foraging and budget decorating — all in pursuit of creating surroundings that feel like “home”, filled with things that have character and soul.
My goal at Hidden Potential is to help you to live in a place where you are surrounded by things you love and that make you smile. A place where you are comfortable and that you are proud to share with loved ones. A space that looks and feels beautiful to you, no matter how it looks or feels to anyone else. I make sure that you play a part in discovering what your personal style is, and that you participate as, together, we give form to your personality and aesthetic and watch it emerge in your home decor. From traditional to modern and every combination in between, I love the process of getting you to the point where you “love the place you live”.
So whether you need major intervention and guidance, or whether you want some confidence-building coaching and support, it would be my honor and joy to help you.