Upcycling and Vintage Modern:


Re-Purposing, Re-Imagining, Re-Creating

You’ve got some cool collectables or keepsakes that you just love but you can’t figure out how to use or display them in your home . . . you know they have potential but can’t quite figure it out! Then there’s that furniture piece that has a great shape but totally the wrong color . . . or perhaps you need an economical and creative headboard for the newly acquired “big girl” bed. . . Whether you want coaching on figuring these things out for yourself or you want Hidden Potential to do it for you, we can help you with new ideas and purposes for well-loved pieces that make you smile or creative do-it-yourself ideas for the spaces you can’t quite figure out.

Re-Purposing, Imaging, Creating Consulting

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Re-Purposing, Imaging, Creating Consulting

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