When you and I work together to transform your space, I put all my experience and skills at your disposal and together we embark on the adventure of discovery — who are you? What feels “comfortable” to you? What reflects your nature and personality? How do we incorporate that into your home? Because it’s only when your space calls out your name, when where you live tells people who you truly are, that it becomes your “home”. Self-portrait through decoration!
Transform your space!


One Room Redecorating – Rates based on room size; contact us


Hourly rate
  • 10% admin fee for purchased items

Quick Online Consulting

Per room
  • 10% admin fee for purchased items

Furniture & Accessory Shopping Assist:

Per hour
  • 10% admin fee for purchased items

Furniture & Accessory Shopping Assist:

Per hour (Online)
  • 10% admin fee for purchased items

Upcycling and Vintage Modern

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The approach is simple:


  • Initial assessment and exploration interview

    We sit down in your home and have a nice conversation (over tea, perhaps?). Why have you called? What isn’t working? What is working? What are your goals? What is your budget? Can I really help you? How involved do you want to be? Lots and lots of questions! We’ll decide if I can help and if I can’t, I’ll tell you who I think can.

  • “Shopping” your home

    Once we decide we can work together but before we start talking about purchasing anything new, we go “shopping” all throughout your house! We start with what you have, rearranging, reimagining, and upcycling before spending a dime! Now some people want to start fresh and that’s fine, too, but I still want to take you on a journey of examining your own style, your own preferences, your own reservoir of furnishings, décor, keepsakes, and collectibles — everything that sings to you and makes you smile. What are your hidden gems? What can we re-purpose for use somewhere else? What can we transform and upcycle? What are your favorite things? Why? What are your favorite colors? By the time this is over your imagination will be in overdrive — I guarantee you will never look at your furnishings or décor in the same way again — so many possibilities!

  • Imagining & mapping

    This is where all those magazine clippings and Pinterest postings come in. What do things look and feel like when we are done? What speaks to you? How do you want the room to “feel” when we are done? What style draws you? Is it really consistent with you? What are our constraints? How do we get there? Together, we will add, subtract, supplement, or enhance until we have created a space (or a plan for a space) that feels like the “home” where you can take refuge.

  • Filling in the resource gaps

    What do we need that we don’t have on hand? Where do you need professionals? What should you buy new? Where can you get it?

  • Implementing the plan

    Let’s make it happen!

  • Road test

    There is always something that looked good on paper but not so much in execution! How are things working? How do they feel? What needs tweaking?

  • Adjustments

    We’ll move that chair or add that lamp, exchange that throw rug or repaint those candlesticks, whatever minor changes will make the picture “complete” and the feel “snug”!

  • Celebration

    I’m a big believer in marking events. Oh, not always in big splashy ways, but in some way. So large or small, throw yourself a “home-warming”, or a “room-warming” party. Invite a few loved ones or a whole passel, but mark your accomplishment at the journey’s end and be proud!